Yale UMC Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

“We are committed to exalt God in our worship and work; 
invite others to share Christ's love, truth, and salvation; 
Spiritually nurture His membership, 
and serve Him with our gifts, talents, and resources.”



Our Vision

We envision The Yale United Methodist Church as a place to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.


Our Mission

The Pastor, leaders and membership of Yale UMC are in partnership together to become a people of God who are:



·        We reach out to other

·        We listen to their needs

·        We accept them where they are...

·       And invite them to grow in faith



·        We worship in spirit and truth

·        We are passionate for the manifestation of the Presence of the Lord

·        We are committed to becoming a House of Prayer

·        We preach, teach and demonstrate the power of God!

·       We have an explosive expectancy that the Spirit of the Lord released in worship will heal, deliver and set the captive free!



·        We nurture loving relationships ~ We live by faith. We love by faith!

·        We actively respond with compassion & kindness to the needs of our Community

·        We extend hospitality beyond ourselves

·        We facilitate the Restoration of People to their God given calling, purpose and destiny - radically equipping them for ministry

·       We are committed to TEAM (Together Each one Achieves More) Ministry



·        We give effective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and outreach

·        We practice all of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in a balanced and mature way

·        We operate in intercession to help spark Reformation in our community, region, state, and nation as well as in the Nations of the World

·        We are Witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

·        We strive to be in alignment with the Word while ministering in the authority of a Believer!


"Anyone who is thirsty may come to ME!

Anyone who believes in ME may come and drink!

For the Scriptures declare 'River of Living Water will flow from his heart.'"

John 7:37-38 NLT

Come. Experience the Outpouring!